The Graff Vend?me


It often takes complex 3D modelling and lengthy analysis to reveal the secrets hidden inside a diamond, but sometimes, intuitively, you know that a legend awaits within. When the Let?eng Mine in the highlands of Lesotho yielded a 314 carat rough, an exhilarating possibility emerged: the first Flawless pear shape diamond to exceed 100?carats in the history of our?House.

Destiny Foretold

The rough that gave us the Graff Vend?me was named ‘The?Destiny’ upon discovery and Laurence Graff could sense that the stone was to have an extraordinary fate. Our?gemologists confirmed his feeling: a perfect pear shape of more than 100 carats lay within.

A Master craftsman looking at the Graff Vendome diamond through a loupe

A Graff Milestone

Never before in the history of our House had a pear shape diamond of this caratage, clarity and purity been coaxed from a rough stone. The creation of the Graff Vend?me demanded months of intricate and detailed work at the diamond cutter’s?wheel.

A Fire Unleashed

Many thousands of hours after the rough reached the workshop, the Graff Vend?me emerged, accompanied by 12 satellite stones – nine of them sharing its D Flawless quality. All were works of art in the their own right, but the mesmerising fire and scintillation of the Graff Vend?me was simply outstanding.

A Fitting Tribute

The diamond’s emergence from our atelier coincided with another Graff landmark – the opening of our store on Place Vend?me. This launch was one of the most important events in our history, and in celebration, the Graff?Vend?me was born.

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