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Emerald High Jewellery

Enchanted Beauty

First discovered over four thousand years ago, emeralds became the prized jewels of emperors, maharajahs and queens. Graff is renowned for emeralds of unsurpassable quality, having established a firm legacy for high jewellery using only the most beautiful emeralds on earth. Designed and crafted in our London workshop, our one-of-a-kind emerald jewels can be found in our stores worldwide.

A Graff emerald and white diamond necklace

Extraordinary Colour

Our gemologists spend many months sourcing only the very best gemstones for each new emerald high jewellery creation.?Only emeralds with a truly breathtaking depth of colour are selected – often Colombian stones, which are renowned for their ardent hues.

Inspired Stones

Once an emerald has been selected, it is passed to Graff’s design team, who study it closely in order to understand its nuances and character. A gouache illustration is then painted to scale, to communicate the design atelier’s vision.

“There is something wonderfully enigmatic about emeralds. The secrets that they hold within the depths of their rich colour, it’s truly?magical.”

Laurence Graff

craftsman setting the stones of a emerald and white diamond necklace

A Meticulous Eye

The bespoke mount of each jewel is meticulously considered, as it serves to direct the eye to the central emerald or stone arrangement. To find emeralds that perfectly match each other requires a skilled human eye in pursuit of perfection.


craftsman crafting a white diamond and emerald necklace

A Perilous Enterprise

Emeralds are versatile gemstones that can be faceted, carved and polished into smooth cabochons and beads. However, they are delicate and demand specific expertise and exemplary diligence from our master craftsmen.

A pair of Graff emerald and diamond earrings on green paint background

Flawless Fluidity

One of the most precious hallmarks of Graff jewellery is its fluidity – pieces appear almost alive as they shadow each subtle movement of their wearer.

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